Welcome to your Other-Life

Have you ever dreamed of being a blacksmith?An alchemist?Or even a mercenary?Then you have come to the right place.

Other-Life is a community based game that allows you to affect the future of the game.Your actions and decisions along with all the other players will be used to influence the world of your Other-Life. Unlike other MMORPG's, Other-Life players have the ability to request & approve changes to the game as it evolves!

The Other-Life client is multi-platform using OpenGL for the 3D and graphics environment, currently available for Windows, Linux, & Mac and it works on many lower end systems. Download the current client here and join the Forums.

Other-Life is based on the Eternal Lands free MMORPG.Check them out, and check in regularly here and at our forums for discussions, suggestions, and status of this game & project.

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